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Statewide Insurance specializes in auto, motorcycle, and SR-22 auto insurance.

Insuring Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, and all of Wisconsin.

If your drivers license was recently suspended or revoked, please call us for advice on the procedure to get them back. We’ve had over 60 years experience in helping Wisconsin drivers with their license problems. We have helped more Wisconsin drivers than any other agency in the state: about 100,000 drivers over the past several years.

If an SR-22 filing is required, we have several companies that we can recommend that will do this for you. For our recommendation, call toll free at (800) 365-7722. We have several trained personnel on duty from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. If you are unable to call during office hours, see enclosed insert for after-hours service.

If you prefer not to call, fill out the quote application here on the website. If you cannot recall your driving record, we can get it from the Motor Vehicle Department. It takes about five minutes and it will not cost you anything. We will send you an insurance recommendation as soon as possible. If you need a stamped envelope, please call. If you have no need for a license now, please call us when you have a need.

With our toll-free number and our long-term experience, our expertise is handling license problems is easily available. We are as near as your phone, so please call us.

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