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Occupational License

Where to apply: Your local motor vehicle department testing center

  • Exception: Habitual traffic offenders apply at the clerk of court in the county where you reside.

Three main questions you must answer on an application for an occupational license.

  • 1.) Territory you need for your occupation. Ask for at least the entire county you live in. It could be several counties or it could be the entire state or several states if you travel a lot.
  • 2.) The hours you will drive. You are allowed 60 hours per week, no more than 12 hours per day. You may split your hours in a day. Allow an hour or so to get to work and use the other hours in case you have to work overtime. If you work all hours of the day, try to figure out something that fits all cases.
  • 3.) On the application where they ask for vehicles you drive with our filing, put down these words: ALL OWNED AND NON-OWNED VEHICLES. Then your license will allow you to drive friends’, relatives’, employers’, or newly acquired vehicles. You still must insure all vehicles that you own that are on the road.


If anything comes up and changes your hours of employment or counties that you drive in, you must go back to file an amended application.

Some things that may come up:

  • 1.) You must be eligible for an occupational license. If you have any doubts, we can check with the Motor Vehicle Department for you.
  • 2.) All fines must be paid, or a payment plan must be set up with the court where the fine is pending. For a form of payment plan, contact us.
  • 3.) You cannot have outstanding judgements on cases pending at the Motor Vehicle Department where you owe someone else for an accident. If in doubt, we can check for you.
  • 4.) Do not try to drive outside your occupational license limits. If you are in this situation, hire someone to take you home or where you must go.